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This is our first single after 2 years since our first EP's release. Enjoy the 5.40 mins of weird melodies.


Filthy fucking whore,
roaming lands without a reason to care for
like an ignorant by-product of a fucking given image
portrayed by a god who’s not a god at all
through the eyes of a martyr
rotting away as the knowledge which we once embraced
from our true lords, now entitled as a demon’s home
for which we all pay

You are the deserted plain which future strides upon
followed by its wicked grip
provoking all to stand in your fire
and go through your hell

What a selfish way to live a lie
shattering out of you
to be shown like your blood
fighting your ignorant wars
which are fought by others
and withered by our forefathers


Wasted, betrayed
Abandoned by all of your

We are a sign delivered from your fucking falsifier
An abstract melody for a deluded mind
To eternally labour and be fucked by divinity

Mirror of lies, mortal fucking scum

Stride in your doom
Path the shadows for the children

You shall burn for your ill “sins” of stupidity
By your words, be unglorified as you are

As you are!

Rid yourself from your worthless mortal vessel and strand yourself from this pestilence
Like the worthless sack of meat that you are
Rot in hell, by your own fucking words

You roam the lands like the filthy fucking whore which you are
Like a filthy fucking leeching maggot latching on to its own life source
Sucking life out like the demons you yourself are criticizing
Like bad medicine, you poison all the ill and you kill all will
You are befouled

Human kind has kneeled to scripture
Feeding war to the poor and mindless

Controlled like a wooden puppet tied to its own strings
You measure your worth with material
You defile
All regrets insidious like insolent fucking scum

Leech of this vile society
Foul mistransition of fate
Befouled demon of faith
Creatures of demise
The destruction of all life
Brought upon by birth
Planting your seed of plague and filth.


released February 19, 2017
Vox - Arturo Coronado
Guitar - Paul Steenhuisen
Drums - Jose Kike Vasquez

Produced by Michael Ameglio in Michael's Room Studios
Co-producer: Paul Steenhuisen
Artwork: Ken Mosley




all rights reserved


Descent of the Ancient Panama, Panama

Unrelenting, merciless death metal from Panama's capital.

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