Cocytus EP

by Descent of the Ancient

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Cocytus flows...


released November 2, 2015

Descent of the Ancient is...

Paul Steenhuisen - Guitars / Backing vocals
Juan Diego de Obarrio - Guitars / Bass
Arturo Coronado - Vocals

Guest vocals on Decline of Solace by Lever of Archimedes (Ryan Wolanski, Griffen Dickerson, Alex Iglesias)

Written (2012-2015) by...
Paul Steenhuisen (Including songwriting, all drum sequencing, lyrics and vox phrasing)
Garret Lee Rosenau Berrios (Some riffs in Vile Frauds, Moro, Decline of Solace)
Juan Diego de Obarrio (Embellishments, things after the fact)
Arturo Coronado (Lyrics, vox phrasing)

Tracked, mixed and produced by Juan Diego de Obarrio @ his bedroom in Panama (2014-2015)
Vocals tracked by Michael Ameglio's @ his house (2015)

Mastered by Joe Dumpe @ his apartment in Baltimore, MD and his house in Hagerstown, MD (2015)



all rights reserved


Descent of the Ancient Panama, Panama

Unrelenting, merciless death metal from Panama's capital.

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Track Name: Vile Frauds
Look at all this happening in our world
A world in which chaos controls us all
Chaos controls it all
Chaos controls it all
We keep watching it as it goes to shit
As for where we were born once
We wont be a part of this life's game anymore
A game in which the scripts are shifted
I look around I only see carnage
Now only we decide our next move in this murderous piece of shit
Women sold their bodies to earn and now it's for pure pleasure
Streets filled with frauds only with twisted tongues
I look around and I only see the decay abound
Filled with death
Filled with agony
The sky is now dark as the days ahead
Clouds of white no more
The sky is red as blood
Blood we spill as the pawns that we are
We exist like animals soon to be slaughtered
As the worthless meat that we are
Track Name: Moro
Disruptive holocaust in this reality
Another filthy reason to cause pain
Our demise has come from all the fucking minds of shit filled scum
I can't take in this perpetual awe
I forget what place we live in
Meaning of life is fucking terror
An abarration which sheds all its fucking skin
This reign of darkness has just begun
I consume all your massacre
You are humanity's great defiler
What is this world we live in
Peace is unreal now
Coming from dreams in which we're all okay
But its all in my head
It's all in my head
All I see is dead bodies
Laying on the fucking ground
I can't take this
I see carcasses
laying on the fucking ground
The one that will bring down this twirling ball of shit
my nemesis, my nemesis
Track Name: Corvus
We hold the end of the world in our own hands
We are the cause of all destruction in all that we build
People that starve
People whom feast upon one another
Creatures brought to the edge of extinction
And it's all due to our hands
We are the demons
We are the crows of death
We fight one another for power, out of greed
This earth shall be shattered by its own sons
Each little fucking maggot shall be judged for what they are
Around the world millions of worthless humans lay 6 feet closer to hell
With veins dripping blood of the innocent
On our hands
Feeding, watching, staring, hunting
On our hands
Blackening every inch of light
Speaking of a better resolution
Only leading to a filthy fucking bag filled with lies
Never leading to an easier evolution
Waiting for a gift from a fucking made up chance of a king in the dark
"Are we a splitting image of a God?"
We are the death of all creation
The tips of our fingers drip with venom
We are evil incarnated
We are chaos
An era of death
An era created by simple human needs
A need with a thirst that can only be quenched
With the total annihilation of the world
We are the devil himself
Track Name: Decline of Solace
feat. Lever of Archimedes

I awake from a thousand year slumber
I awake and nothing is as it was
Awoken from my own nightmare to live it in the flesh
I roam the lands, seeking for answers
All is gone
Each step holds a difference which I have lived throughout my dreams over and over again
Everything has changed
I stand alone in my mind but not in reality
Darkness alteres light
The unseen emerges
Fighting to see which feeds off my fucking limbs
Murderers surrounding me
I run into the unknown
I run hoping I awake
Demons fill my surrounding,
The possession upon these deserted bodies makes me tremble
Feasting on eachother
My nightmare is now alive
Every living soul is now a filthy fucking animal
I flee, knowing my end is near
I reach my dead end knowing my fate
Fighting for my life as my bones break by the grip
(Lever of Archimedes)
Fighting as they rip off my flesh
Streams of crimson red fluid flow out of me
Fighting as they rip off my flesh
Streams of crimson red fluid flow out of meForsaken
My father
Forsaken be everything I have witnessed in this shithole
My souless, tired existance shall burn
An avulsion of my own beating heart
Laceration of my body
I am not what I think I am anymore
I am what I fear the most
This suffering is my own demon
A live portrait of my angel of death
Fucking pandemonium!
(Lever of Archimedes)
Split skin, sharp daggers between my ribs
Pain is no relative of this torture
Withstanding my own insides as a feast for these emancipating creatures
I witness my own cessation
All is pitch black
All shall rise once more
All is pitch black
All shall rise
All is pitch black
All shall rise once